This is how it started, this is how it begins

One year ago, I posted a picture of my painted fingernails on Facebook. It looked like this:

09. Feb. 2012
(You can click it to enlarge, but beware, it’s really really not pretty.)

With this, my obsession with nail art began. I started to read blogs about nail art, watched tutorials – and of course bought polishes and tools and what-not. To justify this to myself, I pledged to do some nail art at least once a week (you can see most of it – except the first few weeks, one crappy picture is enough *g* – in the “Backlog” category). And after a year,  it is time to do it on a blog of my own. To honor the occasion, I tried to redo the “design” I did a year ago:

09. Feb. 2013

Last year it was one layer of polish and – ye gods! – stickers. Of course they started peeling the very next day. I had crappy cuticles, very short nails, and the picture was taken with my phone. Now I wouldn’t do a manicure without at least two coats of polish (these are three), I do stamping instead of stickers, I am obsessed about cuticle-care, I built myself a lightbox, and I use my digital camera.

The design isn’t something I would do if it wasn’t for the anniversary. The polish is gorgeous and has way too much going on by itself than to do a stamping like this on top. If anything, I’d prefer simple stripes or dots or a large full-nail pattern. Maybe next year. 😉

Base coat: essence nail art peel off base coat
Main color: essence colour & go 72 time for romance (three coats)
Top coat: Sally Hansen Dries Instantly*
Stamping: Konad Special Nail Polish in black with Konad m3
Dots: essence nail art stampy polish 003 stamp me! silver
Final top coat: Seche Vite

* This was something I bought during the time the real Insta-Dri wasn’t available anywhere around here. It’s okay, but since Insta-Dri finally is back, I will not buy it again as it takes a bit longer to dry and doesn’t protect as well.


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