Storage – 10. Feb. 2013

I prefer the stuff I use to be visible (I have open shelves in my kitchen and bathroom as well), and I like it to be part of the decoration. However, with the speed my collection is growing, I might run into trouble soon. If that time comes, I might invest in some more RIBBA shelves from IKEA, as I really like the way they look.

Nail polish (reds, greens, teals, blues, pinks, black/white/grey/silver):
regular polish

Glitters, shimmers and stamping polish:
glitter and stamping polish

Swatches of all my polishes (except stamping and stripers):

Files, brushes, dotting tools, stamping plates, base and top coats (in the GODMORGON box from IKEA) and such. And screwed to that another shelf of nailpolish (brown/gold/yellow, nudes, violetts and stripers):

Inside the GODMORGON box:

base and top coats
Rhinestones, studs and glequins, sorted by size/form and colors:
studs and such


4 thoughts on “Storage – 10. Feb. 2013

    • Wobei das ja im Februar war. Und es *räusper* nun ein paar mehr sind, und nicht mehr auf den Regalen Platz haben. Da stehen jetzt nur noch die Glitzer- und Stampinglacke, sowie Top und Base Coats. Der Rest ist in einen Helmer umgezogen. *pfeif*

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