[Review] essence new magnetic polishes and magnetic pen

I usually love all the nail products from essence, but the magnetic polishes were a disappointment so far. I couldn’t transfer a decent pattern to my nails, I even bought different magnets which were supposed to be stronger, but that didn’t really help as well. I simply used those polishes for stamping (for which they were very good) and nail art, blamed my curved nails and was done with all the magnet hype. I didn’t dare trying other (more expensive) brands, as I feared I couldn’t get it to work again.

So when I read that essence improved the formula and saw the new magnetic pen I knew I had to try again – because to be true, I love the look and envied everyone who got these effects to work.

For comparison, I swatched one of the new improved polishes (10 “witch you were here”, left) next to an old one (03 “magic wand!”, right). On the outside swatches I used a magnet with a wavy pattern, on the inside nails I did a quick zig-zag line with the pen:

magnetic polishes

The difference is amazing:

magnetic polishes

Even the quick line with the pen is very visible, and the difference is even more pronounced with the magnet.

Now we’re talking, this is what a magnetic polish should look like, and I’m willing to give it another shot on my nails.

But there is one minor downside: the new formula seems to be a lot thinner than the old one, and it might need three coats to be fully opaque. So they are quite probably no longer good for stamping. But that’s a price I’m willing to pay, as long as they finally work as originally designed. 😉


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