Cuticle Care – My favourite products

To me, an important part of nice nails are nice cuticles. You don’t want to know how many hours I spent online for research, and how many products I tested. But as with base and top coats, there is not ONE product that is the holy grail for everyone. These are the things I tried and stuck with:

cuticle care
1) Nfu-Oh Cuticle Remover

My cuticles grow like mad, all across the nail. So when I googled for remover reviews, I came across this posting and this sentence:

There are different kinds of cuticle removers out there, the ones that just soften your cuticle and the ones that actually work.

I couldn’t agree more, as apparently I only used the first kind. But this is one of the second kind, and I use it about once a week. I love it, it works as it should, that’s all I need.

2) Lush Lemony Flutter

Probably the best product for dry, rough, chapped skin in general. Not just on the cuticles, but also on elbows, feet, you name it. In winter, when my hands start to get all red and cracked, especially at the knuckles, I use it as a hand lotion as well.

It is very oily, so I only use it over night.

3) Lush Lip Scrub

As you might have guessed, this is originally targeted for your lips. 😉 But as always with Lush, you can find a lot of different uses as well. I love it as cuticle/finger peeling, to remove rough spots around the nails, and in the same step really rub in the jojoba and coconut oil. And the scent is to die for.

I use this every time I polish my nails but not use the Nfu-Oh remover, so at least once a week.

4) Alverde Nagelpflege-Stift (Nailcare-Pen)

This product, together with the Nfu-Oh Remover, really turned my cuticles. It is not as moisturizing as Lemony Flutter, but whenever you read about cuticle-care, the basic sentence is “moisturize, moisturize, and then moisturize some more”. Which is not really possible with Lemony Flutter, as you have to use your fingers to rub it in, and it leaves you with oily fingertips you can’t use for at least the next hour.

This comes as a pen, has a brush and only costs around 3 Euros. So you can have one pretty much everywhere (I have one at my desk at home, one at the office, one im my handbag, one next to the TV), and as the brush helps you to apply it on the cuticles, and only on the cuticles, you can use it anytime you think of it. Which I do a lot. Religiously. 😀

And this is pretty much it. There is one other product from Lush I came to love dearly, “Let the Good Times Roll” Facial Cleanser, which I use as hand and finger peeling. It leaves you with very soft and nourished skin, but unfortunately it is discontinued. So better do not even try it, as I’m pretty sure you will fall in love and miss it when it’s gone.

If you have any further questions, just let me know. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cuticle Care – My favourite products

  1. Hab ich schon DAAAANKE gesagt? Das ist ja ein Unterschied wie Tag und Nacht auf meinen Nägeln! Hab mir von Alverde noch das Nagelöl dazu geholt, weil meine Nägel echt böse trocken sind, aber zumindest die ganzen komischen Ränder sind weg. Da kann man auch den Preis fürs Nfu-Oh verschmerzen. Wenn man nur die eine Flasche bestellt hat, war’s mit den Versandkosten ja doch etwas böse.

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