Disappointment turned to good

I usually love me my essence nail polish. I love the brush, I love the quality – and all for a price that won’t make me worry a lot about “hm, do I really NEED this polish, should I really buy it?”. With essence, and for 1,55 Euros a piece, I just do.

This polish, however, was a bit of a let down. It looked amazing in the bottle, a dusty dark blue, leaning a bit to purple, AND glitter to top it off:

ecg 134

Lovely, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, and I have no idea why, it turned to a simple midnight-blue on my nails, the glitter only visible if you looked very, very close.

I intended to wear it on its own, but then got so bored with it, that I just had to spice it up a little, in this case with a stamping:

ecg 134 + BM-312

And this I like quite a lot. I think I will try this the other way around someday, with an off-white as main color and a dark blue for stamping, going for the “delicate china” look. 🙂

Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Main color: essence colour & go 134 stuck on you (two coats)
Top coat: Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
Stamping: Konad Special Nail Polish in white with Bundle Monster BM-312
Final top coat: Seche Vite


2 thoughts on “Disappointment turned to good

    • Thank you! 🙂

      And you have the honor to have written the first comment on this blog, so another huge “Thank you” as well! 😉

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