Catrice “Mint Me Up”

This is another one from the “have no time, needs to be quick, where are my dotting tools” category:

Mint Me Up

I just love the color of “Mint Me Up”. The shimmer unfortunately isn’t visible except on close-up, but that doesn’t make it any less pretty. I wonder why it has “mint” in its name, though… With “mint” I would expect a, well, fresh color, and this is everything but. To me, it’s a dusty and very lovely jade color.

But let’s talk about the new Catrice brush, shall we? 😀

new Catrice brush

Of course, I was warned, the reviews I read were mostly a disaster, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT bad. I usually love wide brushes that fan out on the nail, and this is one of those, but it’s not rounded enough to use it close to the cuticles. I’d say only someone with straight nailbeds and very wide nails might (might!) like this brush. The bristles themselves were really hard and thick, they felt like plastic wire, and I won’t even start about how uneven they are cut.

I tried this brush on one nail, but that lead to a quick “Thanks, but no, thanks”. I then simply used a cleaned essence brush (my favourite brush!) from an empty bottle of clear polish.

As for the improvement in formula, I didn’t see any difference.

I always liked Catrice polish, and some of the new colors are simply gorgeous, but all the claims about “better brush, better formula, better everything”? Nope, sorry. Back to the lab, my dear Catrice. 😉

Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Main color: Catrice 36 Mint Me Up
Top coat: Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
Dots: Catrice 910 Oh My Goldness!
Final top Coat: Seche Vite


6 thoughts on “Catrice “Mint Me Up”

  1. Ouch. So it seems all the reviews I read were pretty much right – I wouldn’t have thought the new brush is really that bad. So I guess I’ll stay away from the new Catrice polishes, the colors are nice but no must haves to me.

    • Yeah, and I just don’t get how on earth they came up with something like that. They did so good with the new essence polishes, but completely blew it for Catrice. Don’t those two departments talk to each other?! 😀
      Stupid, just stupid. *shakeshead*

      • I have to admit, I don’t like the new essence polishes very much, as they chip insanely (!) fast on me and the brush ist JUST small enough to fit my little finger, which makes it quite a hassle to polish my nails, but I can just join in astonishment: whyyyyy did they do this? But maybe they’ll change the brushes for the better soon… I do hope so!

  2. Hehe, yes, I know, I just wasn’t sure it if was you or Cyra (or even both of you?) who REALLY don’t like the essence brushes. 😀

    • Jup, a few weeks ago, when they changed the whole range. You can spot the new polishes by their number, the new ones now only have two digits.

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