Color Shifters

I’m not a huge fan of duochromes (mostly because of the “chrome” part), but I do like polishes that have some depth, which are not just simply one color, but change depending on how the lights hit them.

Catrice Effect Maker + essence more than words

Both polishes I used here are in that category. The main color is a regular nude but shines in pink and silver (and I think I even can spot a bit of blue) whenever light hits it. It is a bit on the thin side, I had to use three coats to hide the nail line, and when I look at the picture above a fourth probably wouldn’t have hurt either. 😉

The glitter was really a surprise. In the bottle it looks like a  pretty but simple dusty rose glitter, but in indirect light it’s almost copperish, and there is also a lot of blue in it:

Catrice Effect Maker + essence more than words closeup

This time the new Catrice brush was a tiny bit better (the bristles felt softer and were better cut), but I still used a cleaned-up essence brush.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Main color: Catrice 37 The Effect Maker (three coats)
Top coat: Sally Hansen Dries Instantly
Glitter: essence hugs & kisses glitter topper 01 MORE THAN WORDS
Final top coat: Seche Vite


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