“Sprayed” watermarble

I’m not a huge fan of watermarbling, though the reason simply might be that I’m just not good (enough) at it. But it’s SO messy, it wastes so much polish, and the outcome depends a lot on luck – do you get the right part of the pattern on the nails, bubbles, etc. etc. (though this might just be the “not good enough” part 😉 ).

That being said, if it works out fine, it is somewhat pretty. And when I saw pictures of watermarbling using spray to form the pattern, I knew I had to try it:

"sprayed" watermarble

I have mixed feelings about it. It’s not bad, it’s ok, even nice, but it was even less controllable than regular marbling and of course the same terrible mess, and thus just not worth the final result. I guess watermarbling – either regular or sprayed – will forever be something I only do on an accent nail, if at all.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Main color: p2 Rich Care + Color 050 so soft (two coats)
Watermarbling: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 61 Royal Romance
Top coat: Seche Vite


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