KIKO Sugar Mat – Burgundy

KIKO and their “Sugar Mat” collection might have succeeded in converting me to a textured polish lover – something even OPI wasn’t able to accomplish. 😉 But seriously, how can you resist such beauty:


And they are not only pretty, but are also easy to apply, dry fast, last surprisingly long – and even if you have some small (or not so small) chips, you can fix this within minutes – just dab on some polish again on the chipped part of your nail and it’s done, you won’t see a difference to the rest of the nail. Even removal is easy, it takes a bit longer than regular polish, but it’s nothing compared to glitter polish.

Base coat: Essie Nourish Me
Main color: KIKO Sugar Mat 645 Burgundy (two coats)


2 thoughts on “KIKO Sugar Mat – Burgundy

    • Ja, der ist wirklich toll. Wie eigentlich alle von den Glitzerlacken aus der Sugar Mat Kollektion. Ich liebe sie abgöttisch und hoffe echt sehr, daß KIKO da nochmal was bringt. 🙂

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