Glittery Coral

It is Wednesday, and this means it’s again time for “Lacke in Farbe … und bunt” by Lena and Cyw. They decided on coral as this weeks color:

glittery coral

Coral is a color I really like – what’s not to like in a bright mix of pink and red and orange, especially for summer? – but don’t wear too often as it is one of those colors that do weird things to my skin tone. So I don’t have too many polishes in that color group, but then again, sometimes  I just can’t resist the “Oooh, pretty polish!”. 😀

When I looked at my swatch sticks, I also had a bit of surprise: one of my coral polishes is a very close match to one of KIKOs Sugar Mat polishes (you know, the ones I rave about endlessly 😉 ). I had tagged “Poppy Red” down as red (duh!), a bright red, sure, with some pink undertones, yes, just like the flower, but I didn’t make the connection.

And I probably should have used only that polish, because, oh my, the Rimmel polish drove me mad. This is my first (and quite possible last) Rimmel polish, so I’m not sure if I just got a bad batch or it’s just because it is such a light color, but you are looking at 4 (four!) coats. I even thought about adding a fifth coat, because it still got some slightly bald patches when I looked at it closely, but thankfully the Seche Vite did its magic and leveled it out. The funny part is, this is advertised – and I quote from the bottle – as “One-coat nail polishes”. Yeah, right.

If you have tried Rimmel polishes before let me know about your experiences, I’m really curious if it is just this polish or if it’s a problem in general.

Base coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Main color: Rimmel 60 seconds 415 instyle coral (four coats)
Top coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat
Glitter: KIKO Sugar Mat 640 Poppy Red
Round golden studs from Born Pretty
Final top coat: Seche Vite (except on the accent nail)


8 thoughts on “Glittery Coral

  1. 4coaters ftw! 😉 Aber die Mani ist wirklich klasse, die Kombination mit dem Sandlack (ich bin mir sehr sicher, dass der mit mehreren Schichten deutlich roter wird!) ist klasse, die Nieten sind super und man sieht dem Lack auch nicht an, dass er dich dermaßen geärgert hat!

  2. Das ist ja mal wieder eine wunderschöne Mani geworden! Vielen Dank fürs mitmachen und inspirieren! 🙂

  3. Gern geschehen! Und noch ein Nachsatz: Ich hatte schon tolle Lacke von Rimmel. Hab lange in GB gewohnt und die dort immer viel gekauft. Die meisten waren qualitativ wirklich sehr gut – ich würde die Marke also nicht unbedingt schon verfluchen… 🙂

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