Imagination vs. Reality

Sometimes, you have a (supposedly) great idea for a manicure in your head, but when you finally see it done on your fingers, it turns out – to put it nicely – “different”. This is one of those occasions:

feather nails

I wanted to do feather nails for ages, so when I last went to my local craft store, I bought a package of bird feathers. They looked brown in the bag, so I decided to combine it with a brown polish. I saw the new Catrice “L’Afrique, c’est chic” LE the same day, thought the brown polish to be perfect, and put it in my shopping bag.

The first surprise was when I put it on my nails (which again teaches me to read about a polish I intend to buy BEFORE actually buying it): this wasn’t a brown polish with a bit of silver glitter in it, but a textured polish. With weird white and lighter brown bits standing out. The second surprise was that the usable parts of the feathers were actually more black than brown. And to make matters worse, they don’t look as tiny and soft and delicate on my nails as I expected, but like huge strings of wire. Or spider legs (eek!).

But the worst surprise is how both look in combination. I’m very tempted to call this manicure “Plucked Bird” – and claim that this (of course!) was the look I went for from the beginning. 😀

Base coat: Essie nourish me
Main color: Catrice L’Afrique, c’est chic C01 So Classy (two coats)
Bird feather on accent nail
Top coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat


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