Wined up

Another week has passed, which means it is again time for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” by Lena and Cyw. This weeks color is bordeaux:

wined up

I thought about using this polish – “Wined up” – when red came up as color, but thank God I didn’t because it is just a perfect color for bordeaux. And since Halloween is just around the corner, I added a little “blood” on the accent nail.

As much as I like the color and its subtle sparkle, I was a bit disappointed about the polish itself. It is from the “Insta-Dri” line, but it didn’t dry that fast. Maybe faster than regular polish, but I expected it to be as quick-drying as the “Insta-Dri” Top Coat, and it’s definitely not.

But the worst let-down was the brush. It is such a weird shape, flat and square, only a tiny bit rounded:

wined up brush

And the handle is as flat and wide as well, which makes it very hard to clean off excess polish. I had to repeatedly brush off the tip, as more and more polish kept oozing down.

I do like Sally Hansen as a brand in general, but I don’t think I will buy another polish from the “Insta-Dri” line. Working with this polish just bugged me too much, and it didn’t have the benefits I expected.

But at least it is named well, because it sure does wind you up. 😀

Base coat: essie Nourish Me
Main color: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 350 Wined Up (two coats)
Main color accent nail: p2 Rich Care + Color 070 so natural (two coats)
“Blood” on accent nail: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri 350 Wined Up
Top coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat


8 thoughts on “Wined up

  1. Du willst doch nicht behaupten, das wäre dein einziger bordeauxfarbener Lack, oder? DAS würde ich dir nämlich nicht glauben 😛 Aber er ist definitiv die perfekt Wahl, die Farbe ist (wenn man mal den Pinsel und die Trockenzeit außenvor lässt) einfach nur wunderschön… Ich muss da gleich an Weihnachten denken, aber der “blutige Finger” passt auch sehr gut (brr, bitte keine blutigen Weihnachten…)!

  2. Uuuuh, für uns nur das Beste – wie lieb von dir! 🙂 Ist aber auch echt ein TOLLES Weinrot, richtig wunderschön. Und dein Design – wie cool du das thematisch an Halloween angelehnt hast! Echt genial.. und das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen.

    • Vielen lieben Dank! 🙂
      Ich war mir nicht sicher, ob ich zeitlich noch was Halloween-mäßiges hinbekomme bevor es wieder vorbei ist, und so hab ich doch ganz frech die Gelegenheit genutzt. 😉

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