Enchanted Forest

I really liked how the base for one of my Halloween-Skittles came out, so I decided to do a similar manicure on its own:

enchanted forest

As base I used KIKO “Pearly Chocolate Noir”, unfortunately in this picture its amazing shimmer is only visible if you take a very close look. I will definitely use it again with less nail art on top, it is such a beauty. Application was perfect – as always with KIKO polishes – and it might qualify as one-coater.

For the nail art I took a small piece of sponge (regular kitchen sponge) and dabbed on China Glaze “Glittering Garland”, my all-time favourite glittery green, and p2 “tangerine twist” from their “summer attack” LE. In combination with the other colors it looks almost gold, although it is much more orange (see here).

And doesn’t it look like you’d imagined an enchanted forest in autumn? 😉

Base coat: essie Nourish Me
Main color: KIKO 374 Pearly Chocolate Noir (two coats)
Dabbed on: China Glaze Let It Snow 1016 Glittering Garland, p2 summer attack 030 tangerine twist
Top coat:  Seche Vite (two coats)

10 thoughts on “Enchanted Forest

    • Danke! 🙂
      Und eigentlich mach ich tatsächlich einfach immer nur, und guck, was dabei rauskommt. Funktioniert auch nicht immer. *ähem* 😀

  1. Wieder mal umwerfend schön – der Finger war auch mein Favorit bei den Skittles 😉 Wird nachgemacht, die Lacke dürfte ich bis auf den KIKo sogar hier haben 😀

    • Danke – und du kennst ja das Spielchen, ich will dann natürlich Fotos sehen. 😉
      Und ich bin mir eigentlich fast sicher, daß du den KIKO haben willst und brauchst, google mal nach Swatches, der ist so umwerfend schön. Wie Zartbitter-Schokolade mit Vollmilch-Schimmer, also die bestmögliche Kombination. 😀

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