Holo Stamping

I still can’t get enough of my new love, the MoYou London stamping plates. Since stamping with a regular polish went so well during my tests, I thought using a holo polish might work, too – and it did:

holo stamping

I wasn’t able to capture all of the amazing holo shimmer with my camera, but I think you still – haha – get the picture. 😀

holo stamping

Again, stamping was never that easy as with these plates and especially the stamper. The only “downside” of the large plates is that I now have to do more clean-up after stamping. 😀 Until now, the patterns just fitted my nails, and due to the curve and how deeply set my nails are on the sides, I never got much polish on my skin. But if this is the price for getting the pattern easily on my nails – and everywhere on my nails – I am more than happy to pay it. 🙂

Base coat: essie Nourish Me
Main color: essence color3 05 boys are back in town (two coats)
Stamping: a England Princess Tears with MoYou London Sailor 06 (XL Images)
Top coat: Seche Vite

3 thoughts on “Holo Stamping

    • Danke schön! 🙂
      Bist du eigentlich auch schon mit dem MoYou London Virus infiziert? Ich erinnere mich, daß du irgendwann mal geschrieben hast, daß du ungern stempelst, weil deine Nägel zu lang/zu gebogen sind, und da könnt ich mir ja die Platten + Stempel als perfekte Lösung vorstellen. 🙂

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