Apricot nails – Check(ed)

This weeks color for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” by Lena and Cywapricot – gave me quite some troubles last time. This is a color I usually won’t wear, so I had a hard time finding a fitting polish in my collection. But when all the spring LEs came out in the last weeks, I stashed up to be prepared. 😉

apricot nails - check(ed)

Both polishes are from essence LEs, “kalinka beauty” came out in January, “love letters” was available in January/February. With a bit of luck you still might find them.

“from russia with love” is the darker of those two, with lots of silver shimmer. It almost looks like a chrome, including the typical visible brush lines. 😉 It is a bit on the sheer side though, and I needed three coats to get it fully opaque.

“dear peach!” is a regular pastel cream. It is thicker than most creams, so I had high hopes getting my nails evenly covered after two coats. But no such luck – while it is quite opaque it also was a bit of a diva with application and I ended up needing three coats to get an even finish.

Drying time was ok for both of them.

Both polishes are very subtly leaning to the pinker side of apricot, which makes them a bit more fitting for my skin-tone.

apricot nails - check(ed)

For the accent nails I taped off a cross with striping tape and painted two of the resulting squares with “from russia with love” to get a check pattern and used some glitter to fill in the blanks. To match the other nails, I added a larger dot with “dear peach!” and a smaller dot on top with the same glitter.

Orange based colors are still not my favourites, but like last time, I am actually ok with the result. 🙂

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last round

Base coat: essie Nourish Me
Main color: essence kalinka beauty 03 from russia with love (three coats)
Main color (accent nails): essence love letters 04 dear peach! (three coats)
Dots: essence love letters 04 dear peach! and Rival de Loop Young Express Colour 14 sparkling princess
Squares on accent nails: essence kalinka beauty 03 from russia with love
Glitter: Rival de Loop Young Express Colour 14 sparkling princess
Top coat: Seche Vite


4 thoughts on “Apricot nails – Check(ed)

  1. Den Kalinka-Lack finde ich richtig schön! Nicht für mich und mit deinen Fingerchen beißt er sich auch ein bisschen 😉 Aber insesamt fide ich den gar nicht so übel, der Schimmer ist hübsch – und das Design ist sowieso mal wieder klasse!

  2. Ja, also dieser Schimmer ist wirklich grandios! Ich verstehe aber, dass du mit Apricot deine Probleme hast – hab ich auch (auch wenns nicht so klingt) 😛 Die Farben finde ich immer so wudnerschön, aber viele Nuancen sehen an mir einfach nix aus. Deshalb freu ich mich immer umso mehr, wenn ich einen Lack finde, den ich gut tragen kann, denn auf der Farbe kann man sooo schöne Designs zaubern! *seufz*

    • Das stimmt, gerade für Frühlings-Designs ist Apricot schon ziemlich großartig. Da ärgert es mich dann immer umso mehr, wenns an meinen Fingern so, hm, “ungesund” ausschaut. 😉

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