Pink corset

This weeks color for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” by Lena and Cyw“pink”, as in “hot pink” – is another favourite color of mine:

pink corset

I got this Escada polish as a gift from a friend of mine, and from what I googled, it is a limited polish that was included in an Escada gift set? It unfortunately has no name and no number.

It is a gorgeous, slightly-leaning-to-red shade of pink, with the most amazing shimmer which really makes it something special. It came in a mini-bottle, and I really feared the brush and thus application would be awful. Boy, was I wrong, because the brush actually was amazing. I never had a brush like this before, it was quite firm, almost feeling like thick rubber, but still flexible enough to give you exactly the right amount of control.

The polish is a bit on the sheer side, and I did three coats. When I look at the picture above, it might have even needed a fourth, but this is where I draw the line. 😀

pink corset

I wanted to try corset nails for ages, and what better way than with a hot, steaming pink? 😉

I painted the base with one coat of a nude polish, free-handed the sides in pink, added lace-pattern water decals at the top and a shoelace pattern (yes, this is what they are sold as 😀 ) down the middle. And I really like how it turned out! ❤

I’m off traveling again until monday, so don’t be mad if I won’t be able to answer your comments until then. *makespuppyface* 😉

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last round

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Main color: Escada Especially Escada Nail Polish (three coats)
Base color accent nail: essence nude glam 03 cotton candy (one coat)
Water decals from Born Pretty
Top coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat


14 thoughts on “Pink corset

  1. I am so in LOVE with your designs! You achieve that “wow-effect” without to much effort. :o)) Exactly my kind of Nail Design. I am a fan already and can not await your next posting. :o)

  2. Oh. Mein. Gott. Das sind die schönsten Corset-Nails, die ich jemals gesehen habe!!!!! Das liegt natürlich auch mit an dem tollen Pink, das wirklich wie gemacht ist für diese Mani ❤

  3. Toll wie du die Decals kombiniert hast. Ich wäre nie darauf gekommen, dass das eigentlich zwei verschiedene sind 😀 Passt super zu der Farbe!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Danke für den lieben Kommentar. 🙂 Das war mal wieder was, wo die ursprüngliche Idee auch auf den Nägeln tatsächlich so geworden ist, wie ich es im Kopf hatte. Klappt ja nicht immer. 😀

  4. Hach, das ist ja mal wieder eine supersüße Kombination – und der Lack ist ja auch einigermaßen hübsch 😉 Der passt auch gut zu dem Escada-Umkarton – nenn’ ihn doch einfach nach dem Duft 🙂

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