Heavy metal

Whenever a color is done for the current round of “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” and I think “Oh no, now I used up all the polishes I have for this color, what should I do in the next round?!”, there is a good bet a pretty LE comes up with just the right polish – which gives me the perfect excuse to buy it. Win-win! 😀

In this case, it was “Metallure” by Catrice and “Metalfusion”, which is a great match for “anthrazit” (anthracite), this weeks color:

heavy metal

“Metalfusion” is – no surprise 😉 – a metallic polish, but also a bit of a chameleon. Depending on the light, it switches from a dusty silver to a sparkly dark grey. As usual with metallic polishes, you get the brush stripes, but as I always say, to me that’s part of the look. 🙂

Application and drying time was ok, it needed two coats to be fully opaque.

Of course it has the now regular Catrice brush, to which I have some sort of love/hate relationship. What bugs me the most is that I do get and even like the idea behind them. I rarely am able to paint as close to my cuticles as with these, which definitely is a plus. But as good as the idea is in theory, the execution is as bad, a) they are so badly cut that you usually have a few stray hairs that ruin everything again and b) they are way to bushy and thick for my taste.

Less hair and a clean cut, and Catrice might have had a winner.

heavy metal

To keep with the theme of “heavy metal”, I added some studs to the accent nails. I tried to make them look old and rusty by dabbing a bit of copper polish and matte top coat on top. Unfortunately, this effect is barely visible in the close-up and pretty much not visible at all with regular viewing distance. It did take away the shine, though, which was my main goal, so I guess it worked out ok. 😉

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last round

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Main color: Catrice Metallure C05 Metalfusion (two coats)
Round silver studs from Born Pretty
Top Coat: Seche Vite


4 thoughts on “Heavy metal

  1. Ui, ein toller Lack – und ich finde ihn echt nicht so wirklich streifig, das ist doch fast ein glattes Finish! Und ich habe mich ja schon gefragt, wie du die Nieten so “shabby” bekommen hast – das sieht man definitiv!! Tolle Mani mal wieder 🙂

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