Half and half

With this weeks color of “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!”bordeaux – we are back at classic shades:

half and half

But boy-oh-boy, I guess I catched Lenas curse, because this was SO. VERY. FRUSTRATING. 😦

I was quite busy last week, so I did this pretty much last-minute, and I just couldn’t decide which polish to use – the boring but probably simple and easy two-coater cream “Caught On The Red Carpet”, or the pretty but a bit sheer glittery “Bitten”. So I decided to use them both.

But then “Caught On The Red Carpet” turned out to be an incredible diva. First, it stained and smeared like mad. The brush of my top coat was bright red afterwards, and I had to carefully clean it after each nail. Second, it was quite sheer, and I needed three coats. Three slow drying coats, I might add. I had planned to combine them with a doticure, but this was just not possible, as you didn’t see anything of “Caught On The Red Carpet” over “Bitten”. Again, I had to paint three coats on my ring finger to get it completely opaque. And with the last coat, it decided to look at least five shades darker than on the rest of my nails. #WhyOhWhy

And do I need to mention that this was a Catrice polish, of course with The Brush From Hell™?

To top it off, my camera had some major problems to capture those two polishes (and my skin) together. You really don’t want to know how many pictures I took until I finally found two I could live with. Not “being happy with”, mind you, just a simple “live with”.


But enough whining 😉 , there was one positive surprise: “Bitten”. I actually though about leaving it at two coats, but then added a third to give it more depth. But it behaved so very nice, clean-up was fine, drying time was ok, the one coat I added on top of “Caught On The Red Carpet” was opaque and easy to apply – a perfect polish through and through. 😉

half and half

As little time I currently have to post on this blog, at least I want the entry for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” to be something special. Or at least pretty. I am really not sure I succeeded at that this week (though I just might still be too frustrated), so if all else fails, just click on the link below to my entry for “bordeaux” during the last round. 😉

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last roundBase coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Used colors: Catrice 17 Caught On The Red Carpet (three coats) and Cult Nails Bitten (three coats)
Top Coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat


6 thoughts on “Half and half

  1. Ich bin etwas spät dran, deinen Post hab ich schon seit Tagen offen, aber besser spät als nie, oder wie war das? 😀 Ich finde deine Farben total schön und auch diese schlichte Kombination… auch wenn dein Bericht wirklich grauenvoll klingt udn du mir echt beim Lesen leid getan hast – dein Ergebnis sollte für das alles entschädigen 🙂 Superschön!

  2. Also das Ergebnis sieht wahnsinnig toll aus – aber der Weg dahin war ja ein Drama sondersgleichen! Ich hoffe ja sehr, dass sich der “Fluch” verabschiedet und uns beide verschont – und eigentlich am besten auch alle anderen! Vielleicht möchtest du ja Catrice mal vorschlagen, den Pinsel umzubenennen und da ein Special-Feature draus zu machen 😛 So nach dem Motto “Nur, wer ihn bezwingen kann, ist dieses Lackes würdig” oder so 😛
    (Dickes *hug*, damit’s bei Hellblau besser wird!)

    • Danke schön – ich bin ja echt froh, daß ich anscheinend in meiner Bewertung des Ganzen doch sehr von dem Grauen geprägt war, und freu mich jetzt wie Bolle über die positiven Kommentare. 🙂
      Und ja, ich hoffe auch, daß der Fluch sich jetzt genug ausgetobt hat. Morgen gibts zumindest bei mir dann wieder was Nettes, wobei ich da aber auch auf Nummer sicher gegangen bin, und auf eine meiner Lieblingsmarken zurückgegriffen habe (aber mehr wird nicht verraten!). 😉

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