A pumpkin for Halloween

This weeks color for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” is orange, and although I am not a huge fan of orange nail polish, it is just perfect for Halloween:



“sahara sand” ist yet another polish from the Mini-LE Misslyn released a few months ago. Like the others, it has a cream base with shimmer, although again the shimmer is only visible in bright light. The base color in “sahara sand” leans to the red side of orange, and especially in the shadow, the golden shimmer gives it a slightly dirty/dusty look.

Application was great, the other Minis I tried so far were all on the thicker side, but this was just perfect, and after two coats I was happy with the result. Clean-up went well, too, no smearing or staining, and the glitter did not cause any problems.

Lena wrote a while ago, that this polish badly stained her nails, but I wore it on one nail a while ago for 2 days and it didn’t leave a stain. However, to be on the safe side, make sure you use a thick coat of a good base coat underneath. 🙂

pumpkinWith an orange polish, two days before Halloween, of course I had to do a pumpkin design, again using water decals from Born Pretty. 😀

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last roundBase coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Color: Misslyn Mini 153 sahara sand (two coats)
Water decal from Born Pretty
Top Coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

4 thoughts on “A pumpkin for Halloween

  1. Na Gott sei Dank hat der bei dir nicht gestained! Ich sehe bei meinen Nägeln noch immer ein paar orange-gelbe Verfärbungen *gnarf* 😉 Farblich finde ich den Lack natürlich toll – und dein Design ist zuckersüß 🙂

    • Danke! 🙂
      Ich finds ja immer wieder spannend, wie unterschiedlich solche Geschichten von Person zu Person sind. Ich fass ja keine Astor Quick’n Go Lacke mehr an, seit mir einer so dermaßen die Nägel versaut hat, aber andere kommen super mit denen zurecht. Mysteriös. 😀

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