Turquoise glitter

This weeks color for “Lacke in Farbe … und Bunt!” is “türkis” (turquoise) and it is also another round of “trulla shows the Misslyn Mini Summer LE” (or “Misslyn in Farbe… und bunt” as Lena suggested)… 😀

turquoise glitter

turquoise glitterThere actually was a “turquoise” named shade in this collection – “turquoise sunrise” – but this was way to green for my taste, so I used “i see you” instead. This is more to my liking, a bright light blue, with just a tiny hint of green that is enhanced (or caused?) by the tons of golden shimmer bits, and which gives it a bit of a glass fleck feel as well. This is one of the polishes in that range, where the glitter is not only visible in the bottle, but on the nails as well.

Unfortunately, this was the first – and hopefully only – Misslyn polish were I wasn’t happy with the quality. It was quite gloppy (although this might have helped to get it opaque with two coats 😉 ), the shimmer particles made a mess during clean-up and it took ages to dry. I bought the Minis quite late in August when they were already transferred to the bargain bin, so this might be a reason why Misslyn let me down this time.

turquoise glitter

For the nail art I simply mixed some glitter powder with clear polish and painted four stripes on each accent nail.

"Lacke in Farbe ... und Bunt!" - last roundBase coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Color: Misslyn Mini 331 i see you (two coats)
Glitter (accent nails): Jolifin Laser Glitter in turquoise
Top coat: Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

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