Blog Birthday, Part II

It’s now three years since I posted the first picture of my nails on Facebook, two years since the first post here. And of course, to celebrate this anniversary, I painted my nails with “time for romance” again, the polish that pretty much started it all. 🙂


I started with three coats of “time for romance”, still from the first bottle I bought. However, next year I guess it will be time for one of my backup bottles, as I had to use A LOT of nail polish thinner to make it work again.

And I free-handed the stripes! No tape whatsoever was used on my nails! They are far from perfect, but I am still quite proud of them. 😀

I recently saw a picture of “time for romance” over black, and really liked the look, so I added another coat on top, and then masked the sides of the not-so-straight black line with silver glitter.

anniversaryThanks everyone for reading this blog and leaving a comment or pressing “like”. It really means a lot to me. ❤

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Main color: essence colour & go 72 time for romance (three coats)
Stripes: essence colour & go 144 black is back, essence colour & go 72 time for romance, Rival de Loop Young Express Colour 14 sparkling princess
Top coat: Seche Vite

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