Blue roses

This months theme for Cyw’s “Mottomonat” is “Blütenzauber”:

blue rosesI started with two coats of a dark blue, added the white stamping and then a layer of top coat. After this was dry, I mixed some black and the blue polish with clear polish and roughly shaded the roses. I thought about adding some glitter, but then decided against it (unbelievable, right? *g*) and simply finished it off with another layer of top coat.

I had this idea in mind from the start, but boy, the first two tries were a total failure. And since Cyw once asked for outtakes, here we go… 😀

blue roses

During the first try (picture on the left), I used the tints directly on the stamping, though I should have known better. The last time I used tints I mixed myself, they smeared, and of course did so again this time, even more so since I had to paint over the stamping multiple times. So on the second try, I put a layer of top coat between the stamping and the tints. I also thought that a darker polish might be more suitable, because while painting the first version, the black tinted parts of the roses gave off some sort of gothic feel, and I wanted to enhance that look. Unfortunately, the dark red I used turned bright pink after I thinned it down, which completely ruined said look again…

But third time’s a charm, right? 😉

blue roses

If you look closely, the stamping on the ring and little finger looks a bit more soft, right? This was once again one of those happy accidents: I had to clean the plate between middle and ring finger, and I didn’t rub the plate completely dry afterwards. So it was still slightly damp with polish remover, which thinned down the stamping polish and caused that smooth look. I tried it again on purpose on the little finger and it worked like a charm. It might not be a good idea for patterns with thin, crisp lines, but for larger patterns like this I will have to keep it in mind, I really like how soft and somewhat blurry it looks. The downside is of course, that the original white pattern was already a bit shaded and not 100% opaque as usual – but in this case it didn’t matter.

I still love the variations you get with tinted stampings, and while they are more time-consuming than your regular stamping, they sure are something I love to play with. 🙂

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Base color: p2 volume gloss 240 royal beauty (two coats)
Stamping: essence nail art stampy polish 001 stamp me! white with Bundle Monster BM-323
Top coat: Seche Vite
Tints: essence colour & go 144 black is back and p2 volume gloss 240 royal beauty, both thinned down with essence colour & go 101 absolute pure
Final top coat: Seche Vite

8 thoughts on “Blue roses

    • Ich mag die Tints auch echt gerne, und seit ich dank Cyw auf die Idee gekommen bin, mir die selber zu mixen, sind dem halt auch farblich keine Grenzen gesetzt. 🙂

      • Ui, dank mir war das?? Wow! Da muss ich mir glatt selber gratulieren, wenn du dadurch auf dieses unglaublich schöne Design gekommen bist! ❤ Ich liebe diesen Look.

        Übrigens finde ich es toll, dass du auch deine Outtakes zeigst – so out sehen die gar nicht aus, aber ich kenn ja das Problem, wenn man was ganz anderes im Kopf hatte 😀

        • Das geschmiere beim ersten Versuch war schon ziemlich heftig, beim zweiten hab ich mal kurz überlegt, ob ich es so lassen soll, aber hatte dann doch noch Zeit, mich an eine dritte Version zu machen. 🙂
          Danke für das liebe Lob, und ja, alles dank dir, kannste stolz drauf sein! 😀

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