BPS stamping plate organizers

I love stamping, and thus have quite a few (*cough* 😀 ) stamping plates. My recent method to store them was a photo book, which worked fine until the MoYou London plates came out. They were just too thick to put in a slot intended for a slim photo, and the book started to burst at the seams:

BPS organizerSo when Born Pretty Store asked me if I want to do some reviews for them, I decided to choose two products I was desperately in need for:
BPS organizerThe organizer on the left is just perfect for 20 large and thick MoYou London plates, and the small one holds 24 regular sized round stamping plates, like the ones from Konad or Bundle Monster. They are made from a thick, leather-like looking plastic, and of course I wanted them in shocking pink. 😉

The plates are fixed nicely in their slots – not too tight, not too loose – and won’t slide out while you browse through them. Both can be securely closed with a push-button.

BPS organizer

In the large one the plastic used to create the slots is a bit thicker and more firm than the one in the small organizer – and only for one plate per “page” instead of two like in the small one – but I think this is actually intentional. You can’t browse the slots like in the more book-like larger organizer, since they are fixed on one corner and only fan out. However, since the plastic used is thinner and more rubber like, you can just flip the pages over.

BPS organizer

I really like them and I sure will order more of the small organizers for the rest of my plates. 🙂

BPS organizer

If you want to order them too – or anything else from their huge range of great nail art products – you can use the 10% code below. 😀

bps-banner(These products were sent to my for free in exchange for an honest review.)

2 thoughts on “BPS stamping plate organizers

  1. Ich hab auch das kleinere Büchlein und finds sehr praktisch, auch wenn mir das größere zum Umblättern noch ein wenig besser gefällt. Auf jeden Fall eine tolle Sache, wenn man viele Stamping Plates hat. 🙂

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