Tinted stamping

After the gradient on Wednesday, I now found the time to test my new OPI Sheer Tints with what I originally bought them for, a colored stamping:

tinted stamping

I started again with two coats of white, added the stamping in black, and then just used the tints to color it – pretty much like “Paint by Numbers”. 😀

And it worked exactly as planned. The sheers did smear a bit, but not as bad as I feared, and it is only visible if you look very, very close.

In case you are wondering where I got the green, after Cyws comment about mixing her own tints, I was intrigued and googled. And it is so very easy, simply use a clear polish, add a few drops of the color of your choice, shake well, and you’re done. There is a difference in quality, though, the franken tint smeared visibly more than the OPI tints. It might help if you use a non-smearing top coat as base, instead of a simple clear polish.

tinted stamping

I wanted to change to a black background for ages, but usually only remembered it when I sat down to take the picture, and then couldn’t because I didn’t want to ruin my manicure while rebuilding my light box. 😀

But now that I did (and changed the position of the lights to better match this setup), I am not sure I like it. My camera is only ok, not good, and it had some problems to auto-focus, too. What do you think, black or white? 🙂

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Base color: p2 Match It 040 Italy (two coats)
Stamping: essence nail art stampy polish 002 stamp me! black with MoYou London Pro 06 (XL Images)
Tints: OPI Sheer Tints I’m Never Amberrassed, OPI Sheer Tints Be Magentale With Me, OPI Sheer Tints I Can Teal You Like Me, Franken Tint made with essence colour & go 101 absolute pure and essence colour & go 170 beijos de brazil
Top coat: Seche Vite

4 thoughts on “Tinted stamping

  1. Das ist wirklich schön geworden 🙂 Und Wahnsinn, wie sauber du wieder gestampt hast!

  2. Woah, das sieht so klasse aus! Und so akkurat, da musst du ja echt eine ruhige Hand gehabt haben. Schööön! 🙂

    • Danke, Caline! 🙂
      Wobei das glaub ich schwieriger ausschaut, als es tatsächlich war, mit den Tints lässt sich einfach toll arbeiten, und kleine Patzer sind eigentlich nicht sichtbar. 😉

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