Misslyn Nail Polish Strips

I wanted to give nail strips a shot, just to see if they work and might be a shortcut for nice nails without much fuzz.

Misslyn Nail Polish Strips

On the plus side, application was very easy. They stretched nicely so that you don’t get air bubbles and there were enough sizes in the package to find one suitable for each of my nails. And as these are nail polished based strips, I didn’t use a file to shorten them at the tip, but simply cut them very close to the nails and removed the rest – after I pushed them down and under the tips – carefully with acetone. So far, so good, and I was happy.


… first of all, the Misslyn strips come in one sealed package. Meaning you can’t just use a few of them and save the rest for later, but you have to use all 16 of them in a short time (because the strips will dry out) or throw them away. They aren’t that expensive, but it still bugs me to throw something away like this.

But the worst is that they really didn’t last, after not even 24 hours they started to lift, in spite of using base and top coat.

I’m not yet done with nail strips, I bought Sally Hansen ones on a sale a few days ago, and I read very good reviews about them. But I won’t buy the ones from Misslyn again, as they just didn’t work for me.

Base Coat: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure
Misslyn Nail Polish Strips 40 Burlesque / beige-black
Top Coat: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

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