Brushed gradient

I was in the mood for some pink on my nails, but since I couldn’t decide which polish to use, I used three different shades for a simple brushed (and distressed?) gradient:

brushed gradientThis was a quick and easy way to get a gradient-like effect on my nails – which I love – but without the mess of a regular sponged gradient. I just painted two coats of “free hugs” and then used a small nail art brush to roughly paint on the darker shades. I tried to load the brush with as little polish as possible, to also get a slightly distressed look and feel.

brushed gradient

I usually like my gradients neat and tidy, but I was surprised how much I liked this on my nails. I definitely will try this with other colors. 🙂

Base coat: p2 hands & nails calcium gel
Used colors: essence colour & go 106 free hugs, essence colour & go 108 ultimate pink, essence colour & go 175 be berry now!
Top coat: Seche Vite

2 thoughts on “Brushed gradient

  1. Ah, na endlich pusht mir Bloglovin mal wieder was von dir! Der Gradient gefällt mir echt gut – ich muss das auch mal testen 🙂

    • Das nervt mich auch so, und ich weiß echt nicht, warum – manche Sachen kommen teilwese dann erst ne Woche später, schon zusammen mit dem neuen Posting. :-/
      Danke für das Lob, ich war auch selber überrascht, wie gut mir das gefällt – ich bin gespannt, was deine Tests ergeben. 🙂

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