Nude blossoms

I finally found the time to give the new essence polish range – called “the gel nail polish”, though they are regular drying polishes and don’t need light or an UV lamp – a try:

nude blossom

Consider me impressed. 😀

It’s nothing new that I like essence polishes – they apply well and I LOVE the brush, it is still my favourite of all the polish brushes I tried so far. The only and unfortunately major downside was that they didn’t last on my nails, after two days at the latest they started to chip.

I used the complete system for my test – including base and top coat – and I wore it for four (!) days without ANY sign of wear and tear. Which is pretty damn amazing for me. 🙂

nude blossom

I thought I was pretty much done with essence polishes – simply because I didn’t want do buy any more polishes I wouldn’t be able to wear for longer than a day – but I guess with this new range they are back in the game. 😀

Base coat: the gel nail polish base coat
Main color: essence the gel nail polish 36 dare it nude (two coats)
Glitter (accent nails): essence effect nail polish 26 awesome blossoms
Top coat: the gel nail polish top coat

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